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Traveling with cats and dogs

So that you don’t have to travel without your faithful companions, Discover Airlines allows dogs and cats to be carried in the cabin under certain conditions. Please note that only a limited number of pets can be taken into the cabin. Animals may not be transported in the cargo hold.

Our Pet-in-Cabin service must be booked in advance by calling the Discover Airlines Service Center on +49 (0) 69 86 798 200. There is a charge for this service. You must also complete the form for transportation of an animal in the passenger cabin and take it with you to the check-in counter at the start of your journey.
Please note that this form is not required for assistance dogs on direct flights to/from the USA.
Illustration of several people in the cabin carrying pets in transport bags

Requirements for carriage

Assistance dogs

Search and rescue dogs on duty

Snub-nosed dogs and cats

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