General Conditions of Carriage for Passengers and Baggage (flight ticket GCC)

    Frankfurt, June 2022
    Publisher: EW Discover GmbH

    Article 1: Definitions of terms

    Article 2: Area of application

    Article 3: Tickets

    Article 4: Fares, taxes, fees and surcharges

    Article 5: Reservations

    Article 6: Check-in and boarding

    Article 7: Limitations and refusal of carriage

    Article 8: Baggage

    Article 9: Timetables, delays and flight cancellations

    Article 10: Refunds

    Article 11: Behaviour on board

    Article 12: Additional benefits

    Article 13: Administrative formalities

    Article 14: Liability for loss or damage

    Article 15: Time limitations for claims and actions

    Article 16: Miscellaneous provisions

    Article 17: Consumer conciliation board

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