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Discover Airlines aircraft in the sky.

Eurowings Discover is be­coming Discover Airlines.

Let’s discover
the new airline on the vacation horizon.

We’re happy to announce that Eurowings Discover is now called Discover Airlines. We first got off the ground during the pandemic as a company wholly owned by Lufthansa under the umbrella of the affiliate Eurowings brand. In the past two years, we’ve really taken off. Since July 2021 we’ve been fully integrated in the Frankfurt and Munich hubs as a high-quality leisure airline. Beginning September 5, 2023, travelers will get to discover our new look – and so much more.

We’re excited to be part of and help shape so many more unforgettable trip memories with you.
A woman and a child at the beach.

Let’s discover
flying with joy.

At the core of the Discover Airlines brand is the joy of travel and the discovery and rediscovery of beautiful places, experiences and moments. This magical vacation feeling begins on board with us - with our attention to detail and, most of all, joy in what we do. We want to be the airline that makes the best time of the year even better for our passengers. Together with them, we want to take joy in happy vacation memories both big and small.

Let’s discover
what flying with joy looks like.

It’s not only the name of our airline that’s changing – it’s our whole look. Our new, contemporary, fresh, and yet still sophisticated design conveys precisely this feeling. Fittingly for an airline, it’s inspired by a view of the horizon. More specifically, by the various lines and color nuances that emerge when the blue of the sky meets the landscape. These “skylines” are the most important design element of our brand and arise from various blue tones as well as a sunny yellow. The overall look is clear and sophisticated, but it always reflects most of all the brand’s core in its versatility. That is the joy of travel.
Discover Airlines Design

A unique design with familiar elements.

Discover Airlines aircraft and logo.
The Discover logo in lowercase letters followed by a period will remain our wordmark. This has been a core element of our brand identity from the beginning and has long held recognition value. Now, the word “Airlines” is being added to it. And the period is being given even more significance. It will round off the “skylines” element, giving it a much more distinctive character.

It will be possible to see this on our repainted planes, which will grace the skies starting in the first week of September. That’s when the first Airbus A320 with our new design will land in Frankfurt. In the months following, our fleet will continue to take shape and take on new colors as well. And in the cabin, seat belts, pillows, headrests, and many other elements already appear in our new “skylines” colors to create a harmonious overall look. Despite the distinctive character of the new design, our connection to the core brand Lufthansa is subtly indicated by elements like the dark blue and the wordmark in the Lufthansa font.

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