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Advance seat reservation

Do you prefer to sit by the window on your flight to enjoy the great view from the front row? Or would you rather sit on the aisle to stretch your legs from time to time? You can select and reserve your preferred seat for your Discover Airlines flight directly during the booking process or at check-in.
If you subsequently want to make or change your reservation, you can easily book your seat in the My Bookings section on the Lufthansa website.
Business Class

I booked my flight with Discover Airlines through a tour operator. How can I add an advance seat reservation to my booking?

How much does a seat reservation on a Discover Airlines flight cost?

In what circumstances can I reserve a seat?

Where can I view seat maps?

Who can I contact for questions about seat reservations?

Seat options

For your advance seat reservation for your Discover Airlines flight, you can simply choose between a standard seat, a seat in the preferred seating area or a seat with more legroom. Our extremely comfortable seats in the More Legroom section offer you a minimum of 10 cm more space in Economy Class. Depending on the fare you have booked, the seat reservation is either free of charge or subject to a fee.

Seats for children

Discover Airlines makes flying on vacation with your family a pleasure. Infants under two years of age can fly seated on their parent’s lap, secured with a loop belt. From the age of two, children travel on their own paid seat. With Discover Airlines, our youngest passengers travel at a discounted price.
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