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Does flying mean passion to you? At Discover Airlines you can expect a collegial atmosphere and the perfect world-life balance. Discover an exciting working environment with us with over 50 destinations.
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Frequently asked questions

  • Can I also apply as a non-German citizen?

    How good must my knowledge of the German language be?

    How good must my knowledge of the English language be?

    Can I also apply to Discover Airlines if I don’t currently live in Germany?

    Is there a minimum height?

    Are there other physical requirements I have to meet?

    Is there a minimum age for applying?

    Is there a maximum age limit for applying?

    What else do I have to bring along in addition to the framework requirements (language, passport, education, etc.?

    Do I have to be able to swim confidently?

    Am I allowed to have tattoos?

  • Can I have a part-time job while training?

    Will accommodation be provided for me during training?

    Will the training be paid for?

    How long does the training last?

    Where does the training take place?

    Does the training course take place in German or English?

  • What’s the situation with the optional self-introduction video?

    Can I apply multiple times?

    Via which portal can I apply to you?

    How far in advance should I apply?

    How important are school grades to you?

  • What is a Recruiting Day?

    How does a Recruiting Day proceed?

    When will I receive the result of whether the Recruiting Day was successful for me?

    How long does the Recruiting Day last?

    Is there a dress code for the Recruiting Day?

    Will I receive reimbursement for the travel to the Recruiting Day?

    How can I prepare for the Recruiting Day?

    What is the mood on the Recruiting Day?

    Do you receive an invitation to the Recruiting Day?

  • What is the starting salary?

    Is the salary tax-free?

    Are there any supplements in addition to the basic salary?

    What is a block hour?

    What is meant precisely by additional flight hours allowance?

    Do I receive expenses?

    Will my salary increase over time?

    Is previous aeronautical experience recognized?

    Do you also offer part-time work?

    Can I fly with you as well as carrying on studying?

  • How are holidays, work positions, etc. shared out when there is no seniority?

    Can I also work fewer than 24 months?

    What are the chances of becoming a Responsible Cabin Manager with Discover Airlines?

    How often am I on the move and how often am I at home?

    Is there also long-haul flying with you?

    How many hours will I fly in a month?

    How long are the stays on the long-haul routes?

    Are there rules regarding place of residence?

    What further training possibilities are there?

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