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Punta Cana

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

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Endless sandy beaches, turquoise-blue waters, wonderful weather – these are just some of the things that make the Caribbean so special. The Dominican Republic is one of the Caribbean’s dream destinations. It’s the second-largest island in the Caribbean, and easily the most diverse. The landscape between the Atlantic to the north and the Caribbean to the south is defined by everything from dense rainforest through to plain-like regions. And there where the oceans meet lies Punta Cana, with its sandy beaches lined with palm trees, its luxurious marinas, fine restaurants, golf courses, and exclusive spas.

Punta Cana’s most beautiful beaches

Punta Cana’s 48-kilometer-long coastline is home to numerous beaches. One of these is Bavaro Beach, which draws in visitors with every conceivable watersport and an assortment of bijou restaurants directly by the beach. Its great length makes it perfect for long walks, and its shallow gradient as it enters the ocean means this beach is also the ideal place for families to have fun in and by the water. Juanillo Beach to the south of Punta Cana provides a slightly less busy alternative. Away from the throngs, this is a great place in which to truly relax.

Do you crave adventure in Punta Cana?

Punta Cana’s underwater world easily has as much to offer as the fantastic beaches. Go snorkeling or scuba-diving and discover the colorful coral reefs and watch the marine life in its natural habitat. Those who prefer to spend their time out of the water can go on breathtaking walks in Cotubanamá National Park or visit the local caves. Decode the mysterious cave drawings and pictograms or gaze in wonder at the emerald-green lagoons that thread their way through the caves.

Rhythm in the blood

Music is at the heart of life in the Dominican Republic. The Latin American music genres of merengue and bachata have been classified by UNESCO as intangible cultural heritage. Music events take place on a regular basis throughout the country, at which you can truly experience the culture of the Dominican Republic – an essential component of your Caribbean holiday.

Traditional cuisine

The Dominican cuisine is famed for its variety: delicious soups, rich stews, authentic street food, and delicious desserts fulfil every culinary wish. Puréed plantain and red onions cooked in vinegar sauce and served with grilled cheese and salami are the components of a typical breakfast that sets you up for the day. For lunch, treat yourself to Bandera Dominicana, a dish named after the national flag and consisting of rice and beans with chicken or other meat. This is generally served with avocado and tostones, which are deep-fried plantain slices.

Golfing against a unique backdrop

The Dominican Republic is a popular destination among golfing aficionados, as it offers ideal tee-off and weather conditions. It has been named the “Best Caribbean Golfing Destination” several times at the World Golf Awards. Set against a unique backdrop, numerous golf courses by the coast and inland offer you the perfect conditions for a great round of golf.
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