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Discover the best hiking destinations

Hiking is good for both your health and your soul. Great hiking trails allow us to discover remote locations or experience famous natural wonders at first hand. In all events, when we’re hiking, we can get very close to nature. Whether alone or in a group, at home or far away, there are breathtaking hiking destinations to discover everywhere. And for some Discover Airlines travel destinations, you should definitely not forget to pack your hiking boots. Happy hiking!

Hiking in Madeira

A verdant paradise for hikers, Madeira is the ideal destination for your next hiking vacation. The diversity of this island in the Atlantic Ocean can be discovered on its countless hiking trails: roaring waterfalls, steep rock faces, deep canyons, idyllic vineyards, and high cliffs all typify the Madeiran landscape. At 580 meters, Cabo Girao is the highest sea cliff in Europe. In addition to challenging mountain tours and spectacular hikes along the levadas, the varied options include relaxed walks by the coast.

Hiking in the Rocky Mountains

The Rocky Mountains stretch from Alaska to New Mexico, covering 4,500 kilometers and passing through 22 national parks. Every year lots of hikers from all over the world are captivated by the Rockies. Crystal-clear mountain lakes, roaring waterfalls, pristine nature, and breathtaking flora and fauna await you. The hiking trails are varied, from simple walks to challenging hiking tours – there’s something for everyone here.

The Rockies are home to numerous national parks such as Banff National Park and Jasper National Park. In addition to half-day or full-day hikes, multi-day tours are also possible. If you decide to explore the Rocky Mountains over several days you can stay in designated campsites or cabins and enjoy the peace and beauty of the natural environment.

Fly to Calgary with Discover Airlines – the ideal starting point for your Rocky Mountain adventure.

Hiking in Gran Canaria

In addition to beautiful beaches and a pleasant climate, the Canary Islands are known for their impressive hiking trails. Gran Canaria boasts an extensive network of hiking trails covering more than 1,000 kilometers. From high mountains to impressive flora and fauna, deserts and deep gorges, hiking in Gran Canaria is synonymous with diversity.

The 1,949-meter-high Pico de las Nieves and the 1,813-meter-high Roque Nublo are among the most beautiful hiking areas on Gran Canaria. Hikers who reach the summit are rewarded with a unique view over the island and the sea. The ideal season for hiking in Gran Canaria is from November to early May. During these months the temperatures are neither too cold nor too warm, making them perfect for longer hikes.

Hiking in Mauritius

Crystal-clear waters, soaring palm trees, white sandy beaches, and breathtaking peaks, cliffs, and valleys make Mauritius a dream destination for all those who are looking for adventure as well as relaxation and sunshine. The island in the Indian Ocean offers a variety of hiking routes that vary in degree of difficulty and length, so that even inexperienced hikers can actively discover the island.

If you’re looking for a more challenging hike, don’t miss Le Pouce. Conquering Mauritius’ third-highest mountain takes a bit of effort, but the view from its summit is unique.

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