Alta, Norway

Alta, Norway

Welcome to Alta, a small city located above the Arctic Circle. Here you can experience the Arctic lifestyle and join a winter adventure between powdery snow and the open sea under the Northern Lights. Within minutes from Alta’s city center you can experience silence like you never did before. The magnitude and the intense presence of nature will leave you speechless.

Alta is a natural hub and stopping point in the Arctic region. The stable climate facilitates an abundance of exciting year-round activities. The city is urban, warm and welcoming. So are the people.

Northern Lights

Alta is the perfect place to experience the magical Northern Lights. Did you know that the world’s first Northern Lights observatory was built in Alta? When the sun begins to recede in September, it gets darker in the evening. The Northern Lights begin to appear in the evening sky. From September to the end of March, you might be lucky to see and experience the Northern Lights.

Whale safari

In the past few years the whale has driven a lot further north to Finnmark, and Alta is an excellent place to experience these spectacular animals from. If the weather permits, you may be lucky enough to see whales.

Sami experience

Alta has been, and is still today, a meeting place for several languages and cultures. Sami, Kvens and Norwegians live side by side in the Northern Lights city of Alta. This has its own expression; meeting of three tribes. The Sami are Norway’s indigenous people, and life on the Finnmarksvidda reflects Sami history, culture and the present.


Alta is the unofficial fatbiking capital of Norway – and we simply can’t disagree! There are two main reasons: the range of tracks and the climate! Try it out!

Snowmobile safari

If there is a place in Northern Norway where you can witness the typical Norwegian winter, it is in Finnmark. This county is home to Finnmarksvidda – the most extensive mountain plateau in Norway. Explore the continuous snow lands of the flat plains on a snowmobile trip.

Get inspired by Alta

Ice hotel

The traditional Igloo Hotel is built every year, which opens in December. With various themes the hotel carries its distinctive character from one season to another. The Igloo Hotel is a very popular destination for both day tourists and visitors. You can also book a wedding in the beautiful ice chapel.

Alta Museum

The Rock Art of Alta has been on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1985. Alta Museum offers both indoor exhibitions and an outdoor rock carving area. The museum is open all year, while the rock art is only available in the snow- and ice-free period of the year.

Northern Lights Cathedral

As a worthy ending at the end of the pedestrian street is the modern Northern Lights Cathedral. The cathedral is as elegant as the Northern Lights themselves and a clear landmark for the city of Northern Lights.

Unique accommodation in Alta

  • Trasti & Trine: At Trasti & Trine you will find happy dogs, a kitchen with local food and unique ingredients, warm and cosy accommodation and a loving host.
  • Sorrisniva: Sorrisniva is a traditional family business, located just beside the world-famous Alta River. For over 30 years, the company has been providing wonderful adventures for our guests, with nature as the main ingredient.
  • Bjørnfjell: A taste of serenity and a dash of adventurous complexion. Choose from 5 comfortable cabins or a room in the main lodge for your stay in Alta, Norway. With its location in the heart of the Arctic, you come into contact with the root of Norwegian culture and cabin life.
  • GLØD: Accommodation, dining and nature-based activities and expeditions. Want to live close to nature in spectacular surroundings without sacrificing a comfortable bed? Then you should for sure try out the Aurora Canvas Domes.
  • The Glacier: Luxury igloos by the foot of Jøkkelfjord Glacier.
  • Holmen: Discover the beauty of the arctic. This is a place for both relaxation and adventure. Whether you dream of watching the Northern Lights from the comfort of a warm bed or exploring nature with a team of huskies.
  • Alten Lodge: enjoy an exclusive Arctic experience at Alten Lodge. Alone with a view over Altafjorden, they offer exclusive self-service cabins perfect for exploring the fjord, mountains, ski resort, and Finnmark plateau or simply enjoying the tranquility and peace.
  • Onga: Cozy ensuite rooms with access to private or shared Aurora Domes. This picturesque set up with a location in the pine forest. An unforgettable stay and personal service in the wilderness.

Your flight to Alta

From December 2024, Discover Airlines will fly directly from Frankfurt to Alta in Norway. Scandinavia’s unique nature has never been this accessible.
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