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Travel tips

We have summarized important travel tips for the perfect start to your vacation.

Check in online

You can check in conveniently online for your Discover Airlines flight from 23 hours before departure.

Submit contact details

Don't forget to submit your contact details in your booking so that we can contact you if necessary.

Benefit from additional services

Benefit from our additional services for more comfort, more baggage, or to reserve your preferred seat.

Prepare your flight

Prepare your flight and find all the information about traveling with children or pets, and accessible travel on our website.

Check entry requirements

You can get information about entry requirements from your destination country or from the German Foreign Office.

Check in baggage the evening before

Use our late-night check-in to drop off your baggage the evening before your flight.

Plan enough time

Please plan enough time for baggage check-in and security on the day of travel.

Follow baggage rules

Important documents and medication should be stowed in your carry-on baggage while respecting the regulations.

Enjoy the best time of the year

All set to take-off? We wish you a pleasant flight!

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