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Economy Class services on long-haul flights

In Economy Class, you can look forward to a delicious hot meal and refreshing drinks. A unique shopping experience above the clouds is also part of the service.
Economy Class meal on long-haul flights

Let’s discover the taste of joy

We serve high-quality food and drinks that simply bring joy. On long-haul flights, we serve our Economy Class guests two free meals. These include one hot meal, with the choice of a vegetarian or non-vegetarian dish. For dessert, you can look forward to our warm Discover cookie. Hot drinks and soft drinks are included. You can buy additional snacks and alcoholic beverages from our Onboard Bar (as of May 2024).

Are you familiar with our Sunny Seat?

Hello sunshine! The Sunny Seat brings the vacation sunshine on board Discover Airlines flights. One of the seats in the airplane has a yellow headrest cover. The guest who gets to sit here can expect a small but delicious surprise. What better way to start your vacation? We look forward to finding out who will be next to fly to their vacation destination in the Sunny Seat.
Discover Airlines Sunny Seat
Shopping above the clouds

Onboard Shop

The Discover Airlines Onboard Shop makes shoppers’ hearts beat faster. Browse through our wide range of accessories, cosmetics, watches, and much more. On board, you will find all the essentials for your trip. Our selected travel accessories can be purchased either during the flight or by pre-ordering.
Surprise your loved ones

Essential Boxes

Are you planning a surprise for your favorite person? The Couple Box will sweeten your time on board: sparkling wine, marzipan, and candles ensure a romantic atmosphere. The Summer Essential Box contains useful vacation companions, such as sparkling wine to toast each other with, a refreshing gel for your skin, and a Frisbee for fun on the beach.
Special menu choices

Special meals

You can pre-order special meals for free up to 48 hours. You can choose from a vegan, gluten-free, lactose-free, or kosher menu, as well as a kids’ menu.
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