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Our A330-300 long-haul aircraft take you to distant destinations in comfort. Find out more about the A330-300 below and impress your acquaintances with your extensive knowledge of technical data and interesting facts.

Did you know…?

All Airbuses have foot warmers in the cockpit. Our pilots can therefore leave their extra thick socks at home without worrying.
When fully loaded, the A330-300 weighs about as much as 20 London double-decker buses.
When taking off, the A330-300 accelerates to 300 km/h.
At 60.30 m, the wingspan is already greater than the distance of the first flight made by the Wright Brothers in 1903 (37 m).

Technical data at a glance

Length: 63.66 m
Wingspan: 60.30 m
Height: 16.79 m
Fuselage diameter: 5.64 m
Range: 9,500 km (11,750)*
Cruising speed: 875 km/h
Top speed: 912 km/h
Maximum take-off weight: 233 t (242 t)*
Number of seats: 283 - 302**
Maiden flight: 11.02.1992
* The D-AFYR has an extra fuel tank and therefore has higher values.
** Discover-specific figure, dependent upon the respective airline.

Seat map

Please note that our A330-300 flies in two different configurations.
Woman sleeping in Economy Class Longhaul

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