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The Onboard Cloud

The Discover Airlines Onboard Cloud offers the largest free inflight entertainment in Europe.

On our short and medium-haul flights, you can enjoy the latest movie and TV-series highlights as well as access to digital magazines, journals, and games. On our long-haul flights, you can enjoy our wide-ranging selection of movies and TV series as well as music, audio books, and podcasts on your personal HD screen. What is more, the Onboard Cloud is available to you, offering additional free entertainment with digital magazines, journals, and games. You can also browse the wide-ranging selections of our Onboard Shop and our Onboard Bar on all our flights. And you can track exactly where your flight is at any time via the Moving Map.
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How can I use the Onboard Cloud?

The Discover Airlines Onboard Cloud is available free of charge in every travel class on all our flights. To take advantage of the wide range of content offered by the Onboard Cloud, you can simply connect to it with your mobile device via WLAN. Since there is no Internet connection available on board, we recommend that you install the latest version of Google Chrome or Apple Safari browser and the latest update of your operating system before your flight so that you can get the most out of the Onboard Cloud content. Your device’s flight mode must always be activated on board. The entertainment program and our exclusive offers can only be used on your Wi-Fi-enabled device such as your smartphone, laptop or tablet.
How to use the Onboard Cloud

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