Fast internet on board

On all Discover Airlines long-haul aircraft, you will be able to use the internet during your flight in the future. You can look forward to the fastest internet on German leisure flights.

Discover FlyNet® is already installed on seven aircraft and will be activated on further aircraft over the next few months. After take-off, listen for announcements from the crew and for the WIFI "Telekom_FlyNet", which will automatically become visible as soon as the aircraft has established a connection to the satellite.
This is how you connect to the Internet on board:
  • Keep your device on flight mode
  • Activate WIFI and connect to Telekom FlyNet® at cruising altitude (approx. 10 minutes after take-off)
  • Open (aircraft type A330-300) or (aircraft type A330-200) in the browser free of charge
  • Select and pay for an appropriate package via HotSpot/Internet Access
With our extensive in-flight entertainment, the free Onboard Cloud and Discover FlyNet®, you will be perfectly entertained throughout your flight.
Man and woman using computer and tablet in Business Class Longhaul

On which aircraft has Discover FlyNet® been activated?

Payment and FlyNet® access on board

FlyNet® vouchers – purchase, validity and redemption

Can I use the FlyNet® access with different devices?

Login access via Deutsche Telekom or other partner offers

Is an internet connection on board safe?

Can I use my mobile network/provider on board?

What can I do if I have problems with my VPN or accessing the FlyNet® portal?

If you have further questions about Discover FlyNet®

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