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Electronic Bag Tags

Electronic Bag Tags are digital bag tags that you can take with you on your Discover Airlines flight instead of conventional paper bag tags. Electronic bag tags have electronic displays, which you can prepare and attach to your baggage conveniently at home via your smartphone. At the airport, you can drop off your baggage directly at the self-service bag drop kiosks or at the Fast Bag Drop, where available.

Discover Airlines supports electronic bag tags from the provider BAGTAG, BagID and the electronic bag tags integrated in some RIMOWA models.

And this is how it works:

  • Check in as usual via the online check-in.
  • Then open the BAGTAG app or BagID app and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Frequently asked questions about electronic bag tags

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Does the electronic bag tag work even if I have to change planes?

Can the batteries in electronic bag tags cause problems?

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