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Pilots smiling and standing in an airplane


Is flying much more than a job to you? At Discover Airlines you can expect an environment where a shared passion for flying is a priority. Get on board – climb higher, we look forward to your application.

Frequently asked questions

  • First Officer


  • Can I also apply as a non-German citizen?

    Can I also apply to Discover Airlines if I don’t currently live in Germany?

  • Will accommodation be provided for me during training?

    Will the training be remunerated?

    Where does the training take place?

    Can I have a part-time job while training?

  • Can I have a part-time job while training?

    Via which portal can I apply to you?

    How far in advance should I apply?

  • What is the starting salary?

    Is the salary tax-free?

    Do you receive expenses?

    Will my salary increase with time?

    Does Discover Airlines also offer part-time work?

  • How are holidays, tours, etc., shared out, when there is no seniority?

    Are there rules regarding place of residence?

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