Our A330-200 long-haul aircraft impress with lie-flat beds in Business Class, personal HD screens at every seat, and a tasteful design throughout the cabin. Find out more about the A330-200 below.

Did you know…?

The fuel tank of an A330-200 holds 139,090 liters. If you were to fill this up at an ordinary gas station, it would take you 72 hours or three days. At the airport, refueling takes only 30–45 minutes.
When it entered service, the A330/A340 was the first wide-bodied aircraft with fly-by-wire technology. Steering movements are no longer transmitted to the rudders and control surfaces with cables and levers, but completely digitally by an on-board computer. It is controlled with a side-stick.
A full tank of fuel/kerosene weighs as much as 18 elephants and with a height of 17.39 m, the A330-200 is about as high as four London double-decker buses.
Dining with a view! With a fold-out dining table in the A330’s cockpit, our pilots can enjoy the delicious food on board—breathtaking views included.

Technical data at a glance

Length: 58.82 m
Wingspan: 60.30 m
Height: 17.39 m
Fuselage diameter: 5.64 m
Range: 10,500 km
Cruising speed: 875 km/h
Top speed: 912 km/h
Maximum take-off weight: 233 t
Number of seats: 270*
Maiden flight: 08.13.1997
* Discover-specific figure, dependent upon the respective airline.

Seat map

The following seat map provides an optimal overview of our A330-200 cabin.
Business Class Longhaul

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